8 great Google Maps tips for Android and iOS

It's time to learn your way around the new Google Maps app. The old, somewhat clunky Google Maps interface has been replaced with a flatter, more modern look. Your favorite features are probably still there, but some now hide inside swipeable drawers or behind all-new menu buttons.


Small movies are opening in theaters and online at the same time, but blockbusters aren't (and they won't)

Big Hollywood movies play in theaters for about three months before they legally appear online--much to the annoyance of people who want to see the latest blockbuster immediately from the comfort of their homes. But small, independent distributors are experimenting with alternative policies that bring films into the home much sooner.


4 ways your Android device is tracking you (and how to stop it)

So there I was, poking around some of the more arcane settings on my Moto G, when I stumbled across something that took me aback: an archive of every voice command I'd ever spoken to my phone.



Hands on with Microsoft's Surface 3: Full Windows and a new CPU cut the compromises

With the Surface 3, Microsoft finally puts forth a budget alternative to the Surface Pro 3 that's worth considering--if only because it runs full Windows 8.1 rather than the limited Windows RT of prior Surface models. The $499 starting price doesn't hurt either (the Surface Pro 3 starts at $799). But there's more to the Surface 3 than that, and we dove straight in as soon as we received our unit.


The easy Java and Flash security fix everyone hates to do

Quickly patching vulnerable software is key to keeping computer systems secure. Yet, consumers are increasingly leaving their systems open to attack by failing to patch two ubiquitous third-party programs: Oracle's Java and Adobe's Flash.


The top 7 second-screen apps for supplementing your Major League Baseball experience

When Major League Baseball gets underway next week, don't limit your enjoyment to watching the game in person or on your living-room big screen. These days, apps running on a second screen--a smartphone or tablet--are becoming as integral to watching the game as cold beer and peanuts.


9 time-saving search tips for Google on Android and iOS Spotlight

It's easy to forget about the nondescript search box--you know, Google search on Android devices or "Spotlight" search in iOS--that sits on the home screens of our smartphones and tablets.


Cutting the final cord: How wireless power and wireless charging works

In the 1890s, Nikola Tesla captured the imagination of the world with his invention of the Tesla coil, a device that could transmit electricity through the air, no wires required. More than 100 years later, the world has responded by adapting this breakthrough technology... mainly to recharge their electric toothbrushes.


Why GDC 2015 will be a glimpse into PC gaming's future

Heart racing. Vision a bit blurry. Head starting to ache prematurely. Stress rising. Palms are sweaty. Knees weak. Arms are heavy. There's vomit on my sweater alread--wait, where were we? Oh yeah, I'm pretty stressed, which must mean GDC is right around the corner.

Expert Opinion


Apple doesn't need its own gadgets to dominate the smart home

If you believe the weekend rumors, Apple will announce a connected-home platform next week at WWDC. But before you get too excited about an iThermostat and an iFridge and an iCamera watching you sleep, consider this: If Apple does get into the home-automation market, that doesn't necessarily mean it'll make smart-home gadgets of its own.

Editors Pick


Justin.tv goes off the air

With all signs pointing to a Google purchase of Twitch, the company behind Justin.tv has shut down the live video service.


Verizon fires back at FCC over data throttling

The FCC called out Verizon for its plans to throttle customers with unlimited data plans who use the most data, so the carrier responded.


Business faces backlash after threatening $500 fines for negative Yelp reviews

Businesses who don't know how to manage their social media presence should remember that the Internet can be vicious.

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Key Ingredient kitchen tablet review: Yummy recipes can't rescue this crummy tablet

Meatballs. Giant bacon-wrapped meatballs. The Key Ingredient Recipe tablet suggested this fantastic idea to me when I searched for a meatball recipe. It's a good thing the meatballs were tasty, because that's about the only thing this tablet gets right.