Top 5 Mobile Phones Below Rs. 10,000

Nikhil Pradhan 10 Jun 2010

PC World India's Top 5 Mobile Phones under Rs. 10,000

The under Rs. 10,000 mobile phone is no longer a pariah among phones. In fact, it is a segment with constantly changing parameters and continuous line-up updates. Our list of the Top 5 mobile phones under Rs. 10,000 includes the Nokia E63, a good business phone that is now a truly excellent purchase thanks to a drop in price; the Nokia 5233, a do it all touchscreen device; the Nokia 6303c, a phone that brings together a simple UI with good design; the LG Cookie Pep, an update of one of the most popular touchscreen phones in the world; and the LG Cookie, the phone that started the craze for inexpensive touchscreen phones. The price-tags range right from the 5K mark up to the 8.5K mark making these phones truly affordable.

You can also compare all the five phones in our Top 5 Mobile Phones under Rs. 10,000 page. So, without anymore delay, raise your glasses to our new Top 5 phones!

1) Nokia E63

82 Very Good
Price: Rs. 8,600

The Nokia E63 smartphone offers excellent business features at an affordable price.

The little brother of the Nokia E71, the Nokia E63 lacks a GPS receiver and preinstalled games, and it has a downgraded camera. On the other hand, it possesses the same excellent email and messaging capabilities as other members of the Nokia E-series. And the biggest news here: the E63 sells for less than 10K.

The Nokia E63 delivers excellent business and messaging features and has an exceptional value for money quotient…(read more).

2) Nokia 5233

Rating: 80 Very Good
Price: Rs. 6,500

The Nokia 5233 proves that just because a phone’s price tag doesn’t cross over into five figures, doesn’t mean it cannot stand on its own. The 5233 might not have all the features under the sun but it’s still a very good phone.

I can’t argue with the Nokia 5233’s price-tag from any perspective. It might not be a powerhouse but it does enough to make it a very good buy…(read more).

3) Nokia 6303 Classic

Rating: 78 Good
Price: Rs. 6,450

Alright, you have a modest budget and desire more than just a lame excuse for a phone? Good news: the new Nokia 6303 Classic is just what the doctor ordered. It is good looking, offers a nice clean interface, and has a decent feature set for the price.

All things considered, the Nokia 6303 Classic is a great entry-level phone if you need to do just a little more than make and receive calls. It covers all the basics very well at a good price…(read more).

4) LG Cookie Pep

Rating: 76 Good
Price:  Rs. 6,850

The LG Cookie Pep is an affordable touchscreen phone with a usable UI, good looks and good performance.

LG knows exactly what it’s doing with the Cookie Pep. It is an affordable, smart looking touchscreen phone that does not aim to exceed your expectations but is content with meeting them… (read more).

5) LG Cookie

Rating: 72 Good
Price: Rs. 5,200

The LG Cookie (also known as the KP 500) is a phone with a noble purpose. It attempts to give users a full-touch interface at an affordable price. It succeeds to an extent by being a light-weight phone with a well-designed interface but also manages to fall short on certain fronts.

At the LG Cookie’s price, a fully touch based device is a good buy. However, the Cookie is hampered by an erratic touch based system and below average imaging capabilities… (read more).

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