5 Smartphones with the Best Screens

Nikhil Pradhan 03 Aug 2010

Gone are the days when 3-inch TFT displays were the best you could find on a mobile phone. As phones get closer and closer to becoming the ultimate mobile entertainment and productivity platform, there have been great improvements made in their displays too.

Here are five smartphones with the best displays to be found today:

1. Apple iPhone 4

When Steve Jobs launched the iPhone 4 in June, the highlight wasn’t the multi-tasking or the new design but the newly revealed “retina display” that the phone sported. The display has the highest resolution yet to be seen on a phone at 640x960 with a color output of 16M. The great thing is that while the screen size hasn’t changed, the resolution has doubled from 320x480 that was present on the iPhone 3GS. This means that the pixel density has increased to a phenomenal 326 pixels per inch resulting in much sharper images. But that’s not all; the iPhone 4’s display uses LED backlighting and is great to look at even under direct sunlight.

Forget the antenna issues, if there was a phone you had to choose for its display alone, the iPhone 4 would be the right pick.

2. Samsung i9000 Galaxy S

The Samsung Galaxy S is the closest to perfection that a Samsung smartphone has reached. And a lot of that greatness is thanks to its amazing 4-inch Super AMOLED display.

However, believe us, that “super” isn’t a pointless, marketing prefix; there is a great amount of improvement that the Galaxy S’ display brings to the table. The display, capable of a resolution of 480x800 and 16M color output, is bright, vivid and amazingly sharp. The display makes sunlight legibility a non-issue and has optimum viewing angles. In fact, in our tests we could read onscreen text at almost a 90 degree angle and noticed no discernable color shifts.

The Samsung’s display does justice to the “Galaxy” tag and is truly out of the world.

3. HTC Desire

The Desire is HTC’s home-brewed clone of the Google Nexus One and therefore many of the Google super-phone’s remarkable traits- including the gorgeous 3.7-inch AMOLED touchscreen.

The Desire’s display has a resolution of 480x800 and 16M color output. The beauty of the Desire’s display is best witnessed indoors where you will be able to perfectly see how sharp and vibrant colors look on it.  And although, AMOLED displays have generally been weaker under sunlight, at full brightness, the Desire’s display holds its own.

4. Samsung S8500 Wave

It looks like Samsung has gone all out in their torrid affair with Super AMOLED technology since it has found its way on to the Wave’s display as well. The Wave might not have the Galaxy S’ 4-inch screen but its 3.3-inch screen is amazing enough. The Wave’s display is capable of showing vibrant and rich colors, especially noticeable when viewing deep black tones.  Add to that, excellent viewing angles, unfettered sunlight visibility and 480x800 resolution and you have the mighty impressive Samsung Wave.

5. HTC Legend

The HTC Legend is the most petite mobile phone of the bunch and also sports the smallest screen at 3.2-inches. However, don’t take that number to mean that you can ignore the Legend’s display. The Legend’s AMOLED screen stands amidst the best of them and is capable of truly impressive performance especially when flicking through your images or watching a video. The display outputs 16M colors at a resolution of 320x480 pixels and the smaller size of the screen coupled with the resolution means that battery usage is reduced.

Yes, the display does have some visibility issues under direct sunlight but those aren’t enough to prevent this HTC from being somewhat close to LEGEN-wait for it-DARY.