Starbucks's iOS app now lets you order ahead and skip the line

Starbucks orders can get complicated: Getting an upside-down, two pump, nonfat Caramel Macchiato with light ice often requires yelling over the espresso machine and the person in line next to you.


Microsoft's Groove Music hits Android, the web, and Sonos

Microsoft's rebranding of Xbox Music is nearly complete with the arrival of Groove music for Android and the web.


Spotify gets the IFTTT treatment

When Deezer became the first subscription-based streaming-music service to integrate with rules-based automation engine IFTTT (If This Then That) last week, it was obvious that other services would follow suit over time. Few predicted that it would happen this soon.



Can your old PC run Windows 10? The answer will surprise you

For a modern operating system with an vast range of capabilities, Windows 10 is an incredibly lean and mean operating system.


Satechi's $23 'Cortana button' brings the digital assistant to your car or countertop

Once you've experienced Cortana in Windows 10, you might wish there were an easier way to summon the virtual assistant.



Angry Birds 2 is the 'sequel' you've been waiting for

Well it's about time. Nearly six years after the original Angry Birds burst onto the mobile gaming scene Rovio is back with its official sequel, Angry Birds 2.


Pebble Time Steel will be missing some metal for a while

Pebble has run into a couple more roadblocks as it tries to get the Pebble Time Steel smartwatch out the door.



Twitter's new Windows 10 app is a huge improvement

A few days ago a new version of the Twitter app appeared in the Windows Store but wasn't available for download. Then alongside the Windows 10 debut on Wednesday, Twitter rolled out the new Windows look exclusively for Windows 10 users. The new app update is the first significant change to Twitter's Store app since it first debuted in March 2013.


Not all Lumia smartphones will get an upgrade to Windows 10

Despite what it said in November, Microsoft has confirmed that not all Lumia smartphones will be upgraded to Windows 10.



What are the top ‘Tech for Good' projects in the UK?

People have until 30 September to pick tech projects they would like to see recognised for their social good, be it in health, education, the environment or civil society.

Expert Opinion


Apple doesn't need its own gadgets to dominate the smart home

If you believe the weekend rumors, Apple will announce a connected-home platform next week at WWDC. But before you get too excited about an iThermostat and an iFridge and an iCamera watching you sleep, consider this: If Apple does get into the home-automation market, that doesn't necessarily mean it'll make smart-home gadgets of its own.

Editors Pick

justin_tv-100367814-orig_500.jpg goes off the air

With all signs pointing to a Google purchase of Twitch, the company behind has shut down the live video service.


Verizon fires back at FCC over data throttling

The FCC called out Verizon for its plans to throttle customers with unlimited data plans who use the most data, so the carrier responded.


Business faces backlash after threatening $500 fines for negative Yelp reviews

Businesses who don't know how to manage their social media presence should remember that the Internet can be vicious.

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Key Ingredient kitchen tablet review: Yummy recipes can't rescue this crummy tablet

Meatballs. Giant bacon-wrapped meatballs. The Key Ingredient Recipe tablet suggested this fantastic idea to me when I searched for a meatball recipe. It's a good thing the meatballs were tasty, because that's about the only thing this tablet gets right.