Call any Phone from Gmail for Free

Jayesh Shinde 25 Aug 2010

Google Voice meets Gmail to allow Gmail users to call any phone in the world from their computer.

Google Voice (not available in India yet), a service that allows a single Google phone number to link to your various home, work mobile phones, has been embedded within Gmail, according to Google.

As a result, for the very first time, users can now make PC-to-phone calls through Gmail itself. Google said it's rolling out the free phone call service to Gmail users based in the U.S and Canada immediately.

Gmail users will enjoy free phone calls within U.S. and Canada for at least the rest of the year, according to Gmail's official blog. International call rates will be low, Google said, as it revised its call rates.

To make use of the free PC-to-phone call service, Gmail users will have to download and install Google's voice and video chat plugin. Gmail users should look for a  "Call Phone" from the Chat menu in Gmail's sidebar and dial any phone number using the virtual keypad. Gmail users with a Google Voice account can also receive incoming calls to their number within Gmail.

While this free Gmail phone call service is limited to users in U.S. and Canada for now, Google stated it's "working on making [calling] available more broadly." Hopefully, soon.