Dell India Launches 3G Smartphones; a Sign of Things to Come?

Nikhil Pradhan 11 Nov 2010

For a company that wasn't even associated with the mobile space, just a year back, Dell has been on overdrive in the mobile phones segment over the last few weeks. With yesterday's launch of the XCD28 and the XCD35 Android smartphones, its clear that Dell is all set to exploit the 3G boom that's begun in the country.

If you recall, Dell's foray into mobiles began with the Streak Tablet (which was more a smartphone than a tablet) which had 3G connectivity and used the Android mobile OS. Unfortunately, in spite of generating a whole lot of interest, the Streak hasn't received a great response. As a result, Dell seems to be testing the waters with their two new phones as these phones are just rebranded smartphones manufactured and launched originally by ZTE. But as we all know, it takes one success story for a manufacturer to lose all inhibitions and it appears that Dell is waiting for that one big success.

Since, alongside the 3G boom, tablets are also getting their spot under the sun, its likely that other laptop and PC manufacturers will also get into the mobile segment through tablets. If you look at it that way, is the idea that we might be choosing between mainstream smartphone offerings from HP, Lenovo, MSI and others in a year or two, really that far-fetched? Looking at it from the other way around, we might be seeing more and more of mobile technology (in terms of mobile operating systems and touch input) permeating into laptops and netbooks. A prime example of this is the Acer Aspire One D255 netbook that allows the user the option of dual booting into Android. Expect a review from us soon.

Convergence has the been the 'go-to' word for tech companies for ages but now with the advent of 3G in a market as huge as India and the possibilites that fast wireless Internet brings, I can only imagine the speed at which companies like Dell will try to bring true computing to the handheld device.

The future, it seems, is awash with possibilities.

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