Froyo Update Available for HTC Legend in India

Laldinfela Pachuau 16 Dec 2010

Last week HTC announced the Froyo update for HTC Legend and Wildfire in Europe. Since then, we could not help but keep checking for an update for our HTC Legend too, here in India. Our efforts did not go in vain when HTC released the update for its Legend two days ago, on 15th December. We've been using the new firmware for the past two days now and we've seen many cool features.

The list includes Wi-Fi Hotspot features, ability to install applications on memory card (not all apps support this yet) and more. Apart from new features, we've seen improvements on the overall speed, which makes the overall experience on the device much better.

Update availability confirmed on 15th December

The Legend Getting Froyo Update.                                   Froyo fully loaded.

Here are some of the hot new  features you can expect though there are many more.
- Improved Speed and Performance
- USB Tethering
- Wi-Fi Hotspot functionality
- Flash Support
- Updated Market app with automatic update features
- Voice dialing

There are many more little improvements all around. The Android 2.2 (Froyo) OS update is a must-have for every HTC Legend user.