Google Music India: How does it work?

Jayesh Shinde 22 Oct 2010

Google Music India, a free legal online music service, was unveiled by Google yesterday. Google calls the music service as Google Music Search (India) Labs and it's completely catered towards the Indian music audience interested in downloading Bollywood Hindi songs off the Internet. Reports suggest Google has a larger, more global music service announcement slated for December later this year.

Google Music India streams Bollywood Hindi songs searched by users from three partners:,, and Saregama. Google suggested that Google Music India search licenses thousands of Bollywood Hindi songs owned by its content delivery partners and makes it searchable on the Internet, through this new Google Music India search service. Here's how the Google Music India service work:

1) You visit Google Music India search and enter a Bollywood song you like into the search field.

2) After searching for a particular song in Google Music India -- for the sake of this example "Dil Chahta Hai" -- you will arrive at a landing page with relevant Hindi song results that matched your search query -- just like regular Google search. You will also see the content partners from where these songs are powered from in your Google Music India search results.

Google Music India

3) After you click on a Hindi song link on Google Music India's search result page, a pop-up music player window will launch to stream the selected song from the Google Music India service content partner.

Google Music India -- Pop-up song window

4) You can also go through music albums categorized by movies on Google Music India's main page -- just look for the clickable movie image thumbnails below the main search bar.

Google Music India - Explore Hindi Songs

That's pretty much all there is to Google Music India right now. There is no direct way to download the songs played through Google Music India service, and Google stated that the copyright of songs streamed and played through Google Music India belongs to the respective partners.

Google Music India only has Hindi songs for now and is a Google Labs project. Google said there is no guarantee the experimental Google Music India service will make it to Check out Google Music India service at