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John Ribeiro, 26 Sep' 2013

Researchers at Stanford University have demonstrated the first functional computer built using only carbon nanotube transistors, according to an article published Wednesday on the cover of scientific journal Nature. more..

Tony Bradley, 23 Sep' 2013

Microsoft held a media event in New York this morning to unveil the next generation of its Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets. While there were a variety of updates and improvements to both tablets, the one thing that stands out above all the rest is the new docking station. more..

Jason Snell, 20 Sep' 2013

The iPhone 5c is here! Last week I got my hands on one briefly during a press event at Apple's campus, but now I've had a bit more time to study the colorful new iPhone models. A full review will need to wait for a whole lot more quality time with the product, but here are some of my first impressions. more..

Jason Snell, 20 Sep' 2013

The iPhone advances in ticks and tocks, new designs alternating with more subtle advancements. I haven't decided whether the iPhone 5s is a tick or a tock. It most definitely looks like last year's model but there is also most definitely more to it than meets the eye. (And besides, which one is tick and which one is tock?) more..

Mark Hachman, 19 Sep' 2013

For all of its recent emphasis on its Surface tablet and the Xbox, Microsoft remains focused on the enterprise, and especially on the cloud--but its consumer offerings are a gateway, Microsoft executives said. more..

Lincoln Spector, 19 Sep' 2013

While cleaning up an infected PC, Flingwing asked the Antivirus & Security Software forum to explain the difference between malware and viruses. more..

Evan Dashevsky, 19 Sep' 2013

Like the groundhog waking from hibernation to predict the coming of spring, another notoriously shy mammal recently made its own rare public appearance. more..

The Macalope, 19 Sep' 2013

Once again Apple has failed to impress so ... let the Monday-morning quarterbacking begin! more..

Dan Miller, 18 Sep' 2013

iOS 7 has arrived. As announced last week, Apple on Wednesday released a major update of the operating system that runs on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. more..

Lex Friedman, 18 Sep' 2013

The theft of iOS devices is rampant throughout the world, but Apple obviously doesn't want people to have to hide their iPhones in fake Blackberry cases to use them in public without fear. Phone carriers could dramatically reduce theft by refusing to activate stolen phones (every device enabled for cellular service has a unique hardware ID), but so far the carriers have been slow to act. And even if the U.S. created a registry of stolen phones, it's unlikely all foreign carriers would follow suit, so the bad guys would simply ship stolen phones overseas. more..

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