India vs. Sri Lanka Final: Cricket World Cup Live Streaming Destinations

Jayesh Shinde 01 Apr 2011

The 2011 Cricket World Cup is heading towards a dramatic finale, with India vs. Sri Lanka featuring in the first all-Asian World Cup final. As the India vs. Sri Lanka final gets underway shortly, we list a few online destinations to follow the cricket final. From live video streaming to ball-by-ball coverage and hilarious updates on Twitter that promises to make the Cricket World Cup final between India and Sri Lanka memorable. - Live Cricket Stream:
This is the best online destination -- and the only legal website -- from which to watch the India vs. Sri Lanka final through the comfort of a Web browser. The video coverage is the exact same feed broadcasted on ESPN, Star Sports and Star Cricket on the telly. The live cricket stream from works remarkably well even on a 512Kbps connection. ESPNStar proved this year that you don't need a television to watch the Cricket World Cup, and we're all thankful. Give it a shot: CWCLive

ESPN Cricinfo - Live ball-by-ball update
If there was no live video streaming of the India vs. Sri Lanka final, Cricinfo would be the next best place to visit for arguably the best ball-by-ball match coverage. The mix of interesting facts related to a match or player, the intermittent stream of anecdotes, and a generous banter among the staff covering the action is hard to find and makes for an enjoyable experience. Wait for the India vs. Sri Lanka World Cup final to start, and give Cricinfo a shot: ESPN Cricinfo

Test Match Sofa - Live audio commentary
Just a bunch of blokes chattering about the match, probably the most hilarious audio cricket commentary you'll ever hear. Nikhil Pradhan is a religious follower -- he likes to tune out the sound on ESPNStar's live video stream and turn up the volume on Test Match Sofa -- and he's almost made a believer out of me. If you want to follow the India vs. Sri Lanka World Cup final in a less monotonous way, check out the alternative cricket commentary of Test Match Sofa.

Andy Zaltzman - Twitter feed
If there's one thing Andy Zaltzman can't do, when he covers a live cricket match (on Twitter), is be boring. A British comedian, Zaltzman's updates are funny, eccentric, and anyhing but ordinary. Watch his Twitter feed any time now for updates on the impending India vs. Sri Lanka Cricket World Cup final. Check out ZaltzCricket on Twitter.

These are the main online destinations I've followed during this Cricket World Cup. Right now, I don't know which one I'll pick for the India vs. Sri Lanka final. Whichever you choose, let's hope it's a great game.

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