Indian HRD Ministry Launches Rs.1500 Tablet

Ojas Sharma 22 Jul 2010

Remember the $75 laptop from One Laptop Per Child? Just when you thought computing cannot get cheaper than this, the Ministry of Human Resource Development in India has announced the launch of a computing device worth $35 (Rs. 1,500). The display size of the device is not mentioned but it looks a bit bigger than a netbook. The name of the computing device is unclear.

Let's check the detail specification of this computing device. It can surf Internet, has a touchscreen display and a built in keyboard. It is powered by a single unit system and has 2GB RAM. It also supports Wi-Fi connectivity and has a USB port. In terms of power, the device is powered by 2-watt system, which will help the device to run in the remotest corners of India.

The device was inaugurated by HRD Minister Kapil Sibal. The device is developed in collaborations with institutes such as IITs, IISc and VIT, Vellore and students. The ministry says that it received a lukewarm response from private sector so it decided to develop it with the help of India’s premier institutes.

The Ministry of Human Resource Development plans to bring down the price of the device further down to $10 (Rs. 470). The Ministry has invited private companies to take this as an example and try to create similar low price tablets for students.

The tablet will be available for students next year.

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