Hands-on with the Galaxy S6: Samsung reinvents its industrial design aesthetic

When Samsung tries something new, I don’t usually think to myself, “Well, that’s revolutionary!” Flagship phone after flagship phone, the Galaxy S devices have never really been, as the slogan suggests, “the next big thing.”


Samsung reveals sixth-generation Galaxy S6 and curved Galaxy S6 Edge

It’s here. Samsung’s brand new metal-and-glass Galaxy S6 is finally here, and it’s like no smartphone the company has ever released. The flagship device overhauls the Galaxy line’s down-market design aesthetic to spectacular effect, fixing one of our most longstanding complaints about Samsung hardware.


Lenovo's ideapad MIIX 300 Windows tablet offers nice productivity perks for $150

BARCELONA--For Windows users, Mobile World Congress is the place to see the next generation of tablets. Lenovo's ideapad MIIX 300, starting at $150, gives hope for the future of affordable Windows mobile devices, because it offers a good balance of portability, productivity, and price.


Lenovo's Tab 2 A8 and Tab 2 A10-70 rock Dolby Atmos for 3D sound experience

BARCELONA--Lifeless, tinny sound is the norm for most mobile devices, but Lenovo's bucking that trend with its new Tab 2 A8 (starting at $130) and Tab 2 A10-70 (starting at $200). Announced Sunday at Mobile World Congress, both Android tablets will feature Dolby Atmos 3D sound technology. I can't embed a sound bite, so you'll have to believe me: This is truly impressive sound quality for the price.


Move over, Oculus: HTC announces SteamVR-powered Vive VR headset

The virtual reality market is getting crowded before it's even really off the ground. Mere months after Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 4-powered Gear VR headset, HTC just announced its own VR hardware, the HTC Vive. And much like Samsung partnered with Oculus on its headset, HTC is also pairing with a powerful virtual reality pioneer: Valve. Yes, that Valve--the team behind Steam, Half-Life, and many, many more iconic PC gaming experiences.


Hands-on with the activity-tracking HTC Grip, the company's very first wearable

After more than a year since sending up a signal flair, HTC finally debuted its first wearable device, though it’s not exactly what we were expecting. All of its smartphone competitors are diving into Android Wear watches, but HTC has partnered with Under Amour to introduce the Grip, a rubbery, lime-green activity tracker targeted at fitness enthusiasts.



Meet the HTC One M9, a flagship smartphone that looks uncannily familiar

Are you a fan of the HTC One M8? Are you such a big fan that you hope HTC never changes the design? Then good news, because the new HTC One M9 is here, and it looks exactly like the M8.


Hands-on with HP's Spectre x360 laptop, a veritable HP-Microsoft collaboration

If you thought HP's impending corporate split would make it slink away from the PC game, you're wrong. If anything, the company's new Spectre x360 laptop, announced on the eve of Mobile World Congress, seems intent on proving HP will be as frisky as ever once its PC and printer division is pushed off the HP lifeboat this summer.



Hands-on: LG hopes for a spot on your wrist with the Urbane and Urbane LTE

LG is taking a different approach to its wearables strategy. It's hoping to appeal to those who value style and design over utilitarian functionality.


Perl challenge designed to keep programming language very much alive

The aim of the challenge is to help improve the CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network) by fixing bugs, improving documentation, and updating code and distributions to best practices and current conventions.

Expert Opinion


Apple doesn't need its own gadgets to dominate the smart home

If you believe the weekend rumors, Apple will announce a connected-home platform next week at WWDC. But before you get too excited about an iThermostat and an iFridge and an iCamera watching you sleep, consider this: If Apple does get into the home-automation market, that doesn't necessarily mean it'll make smart-home gadgets of its own.

Editors Pick

justin_tv-100367814-orig_500.jpg goes off the air

With all signs pointing to a Google purchase of Twitch, the company behind has shut down the live video service.


Verizon fires back at FCC over data throttling

The FCC called out Verizon for its plans to throttle customers with unlimited data plans who use the most data, so the carrier responded.


Business faces backlash after threatening $500 fines for negative Yelp reviews

Businesses who don't know how to manage their social media presence should remember that the Internet can be vicious.

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Key Ingredient kitchen tablet review: Yummy recipes can't rescue this crummy tablet

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