Marvell India proposes 10-inch tablets for as low as Rs. 10,000

PC World Newsdesk 17 Jan 2011

Marvell India is targeting the mass market buyers by offering tablet solutions that will be priced around the Rs. 10,000 mark. While the exact specifications and features would depend on the vendors (OEMs) with whom Marvell will partner to launch the tablets, we managed to get some information on what the offerings might look like. Last year Marvell signalled its intention to enter the mobile handheld device market with the launch of its triple-core processors for smartphones.

Details on the Marvell tablets
We spoke to Mr. Anand Ramamoorthy, Country Head for Marvell India to get a lowdown on the kind of tablets that one can expect on the Marvell platform. Mr. Anand hinted at 10-inch Android 2.2 powered tablets priced close to Rs. 10,000. The screen types (capacitive/resistive) would depend on the vendor and the price point of the tablet.

From what we know, the range of Marvell powered tablets would start from 7-inch tablets (like the Samsung Galaxy Tab) with resistive touchscreens that would be priced around Rs. 6,000. Bulk of the tablets would be based on 7-inch capacitive screens and would offer Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and a media card slot. The 7-inch tablets would probably come in both SIM and non-SIM options.

The 10-inch tablet running customized educational application over Android 2.2

The 10-inch tablets would mostly be 3G enabled devices. While the starting price point options as per Marvell will be quite aggressive, there are high-end tablet options in the pipeline as well -- maybe something that will challenge the Apple iPad's might. The high-end models will feature 1080p video playback capacity along with HDMI port, speakers and will be powered by Marvell’s Armada 600 series processors that can scale up to dual-core 1GHz options.

All tablets would at least ship with Android 2.2 (froyo) and the upgrade path would be vendor dependent.

Another 10-inch tablet with stock Android 2.2, this version boasts of simultaneous 1080p video playback on the 10-inch screen and HDTV via the HDMI port

Stay tuned for a detailed hands-on review of the 10-inch pre-production unit that we are expecting to reach our test labs soon. More info on Marvell.

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