Mobile App for India Against Corruption Campaign Now Available

Ershad K. 17 Aug 2011

If you have been following the news recently and not been living under a rock then you probably know that Anna Hazare’s fast against corruption and Lokpal Bill are making news lately. The campaign has also taken the world of social networking by storm. Some of the recent subjects trending on twitter were #isupportannahazare, #annahazare #kiranbedi #DelhiPolice #janlokpal.

An application for smartphones which could provide the latest updates and easy means to support the India Against Corruption (IAC) Campaign is the icing on the cake. Developer JuvenisTech has gone ahead and done just that. They have created an app for Android and Nokia smartphones called India Against Corruption (IAC).

The application has the latest news feeds, Q&A on various aspects of the Lokpal Bill and a list of other events associated with the movement. The 'Stay connected' section allows you to either give a missed call to +912261550789 or register a voice message and show your support for the movement. You can also make a donation through electronic means via the app. The only missing feature is the ability to share on Facebook and Twitter.

So are you going to download the India Against Corruption app today?

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