Mozilla Firefox 4: approaching 6 million downloads and counting

Jayesh Shinde 23 Mar 2011

Firefox 4, the much-awaited update to Mozilla's free Web browser, has been up for less than a day and it has already chalked up over 6 million downloads worldwide. The Firefox 4 download rate far exceeds the 2.3 million downloads Internet Explorer 9 received within a day of its release back on March 15.

Mozilla unveiled a Download Stats page which highlights the number of Firefox 4 downloads taking place around the world in real-time.

Every instance of Firefox 4 download is highlighted on the world map by a glowing dot. And the vertical bars at the bottom of the page are a minute-by-minute indicator of Firefox 4 downloads. For the past hour or so, the Firefox 4 downloads are averaging between 4900 to 5000 per minute.

With a couple of hours more before the 24-hour window closes, we have no doubt Firefox 4 will notch a few more million downloads.