MSI Wind Pad Tablet PC at Computex 2010

PC World Team 01 Jun 2010

The MSI Wind Pad Tablet was announced at Computex 2010 in Taiwan. It weighs a mere 800 grams, has a 10-inch multi-touch screen, offers over 8 hours of battery power, uses Intel’s latest power-saving CPU platform and runs a full-fledged Windows 7 operating system. If you were underwhelmed until now by Tablet PCs that were too thick and heavy, and Apple’s iPad that was too restricted and could not run a standard PC OS or do things that normal computers do, the MSI Wind Pad is probably the product to get when it becomes available. Pricing was not announced as of the time of writing this article.

Being a Mobile Internet Device (MID) comes naturally to this well-connected tablet PC. A webcam, USB and HDMI ports, and built-in GPS/3G/WiFi capabilities make it well-suited for wireless urban entertainment users. Unlike the (relatively) emasculated Apple iPad and the equally under-powered devices that compete with it now, the MSI Wind Pad finally looks like a realistically usable general-purpose machine for PC users. With the CPU and keyboard being built into the same slim profile as the ten-inch screen, a device that can run any normal Windows software out there and the familiarity of the underlying OS, it looks like the battle of the Wind Pad and iPad can begin in earnest.

MSI Windpad

The Wind Pad unit that was demonstrated at the annual technology show (Computex) in Taiwan comprised of the following specifications:
– Processor: Intel Atom Z530 (1.66 GHz, Hyper-Thread supported CPU)
– Display: 10-inch wide-screen with Multi-Touch
– Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium
– Web Cam: 1.3 MegaPixels
– Battery: over 8 hours of battery life claimed
– Connectivity: SIM card slot, embedded GPS chip, 3G module, and 802.11 b/g/n (Wireless-N for Internet access)
– Input/Output Ports: USB, mini-USB, mini-HDMI, SD-card reader, H/P out, DC power input
– Memory: 2GB RAM, DDR2
– Storage: 32GB SSD (Solid State Drive), 512MB flash memory onboard, internal SDHC memory card reader supporting upto 32GB
– Weight: 800g (including battery)
– Device Dimensions: 274 x 173 x 16.6 mm
– Extras: G Sensor (for auto-rotating screen angle)

The MSI Wind Pad comes with MSI exclusive application software such as Wind Touch UI, EasyUse, Easyface 2.0, E-Reader and toolbar magnifier. These make for a friendlier touch-control experience and provide features that add to what Windows 7 already provides. The embedded G-Sensor’s responsiveness is claimed to make the screen rotate automatically when the device is placed at various angles. Seen below are a few screenshots to give a feel of the newly announced device.

MSI Wind Touch UI - Its simplified interface replaces the original interface of the Windows 7 operating system to bring a whole new touch control experience. When the device is rotated into vertical mode, the Wind Touch UI would automatically rotate into the same direction using the G-Sensor.

MSI Wind Touch UI _horizMSI Wind Touch UI _vertical

EasyFace 2.0 - Login to MSN, website and operating system by just face identification alone.


MSI toolbar magnifier – When gently touched with a finger, the toolbar will be magnified automatically. The status bar can also be magnified automatically by the touch of a finger.

MSI toolbar magnifier _1MSI toolbar magnifier _2

MSI EasyUse – By one touch of the translucent EasyUse icon (red frame in the picture), all opened application windows can be opened, closed or selected.


E-Reader application software - Provides not only static text to turn the MSI WindPad into your personal library, but also offers animation and music.