New York attorney general sues to stop Lyft launch

New York continues to be a stumbling block for sharing economy companies. First Airbnb had to hand over host data to the state attorney general, then Uber had to change its surge-pricing policy, and now New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is suing to keep ride-sharing app Lyft from operating in NYC.



Missing Pieces: EA says it innovates 'too much,' final Halo 3 easter egg found, and other must-know gaming news

It's time to strap on your digital boxing gloves--Evo, the massive annual fighting game tournament, is this weekend in Vegas. If you're not going, you can always watch the action on Twitch, or just sit inside and read about this week's video game news.


Read all about Swift on Apple's new engineering blog

Apple developers around the world received a nice summer treat from the Cupertino company on Friday in the form of a new Swift engineering blog, among other new resources and videos for programmers. In addition, Apple is dropping the paid requirement for downloading the Xcode 6 beta: You need only be a registered App Developer, rather than having to sign up for the $100/year Mac or iOS Developer programs.



Cortana puts its perfect World Cup record on the line for the final

Microsoft's Cortana digital assistant, which has picked a perfect 14 straight winners in every game of the World Cup's knockout stage, puts "her" record on the line this weekend.


App documentary exclusive: Gruber on Jobs

"App: The Human Story" is a documentary about the people who make and use software. It's funding on Kickstarter through the month of July, and as of this writing is slightly more than halfway to its goal.


Airbnb revamps reviews to encourage more honesty

Airbnb hosts and guests live and die by their reviews. If someone leaves negative comments on your profile, others will be less likely to stay with you, or to let you stay with them. So Airbnb is making a few changes to make that feedback less fraught.


Verizon and Netflix continue battle over slow, stuttering streaming speeds

The war of words continues between Netflix and America's largest Internet service providers (ISPs)--an argument that is not only seeking to lay blame for poor video streaming speeds in the U.S., but is also providing the public a crash course in how the Internet works.


BlackBerry's BBM comes to Windows Phone in beta form ahead of widespread launch

In response to "an incredible number of requests," Blackberry will soon bring its BBM messaging app to Windows Phone.



Yosemite hands-on: Mail, Messages, and Calendar

A major update to OS X generally means that many of the apps included with the operating system also get major updates--or at least the biggest updates they're likely to get until the next major operating-system release. In OS X Yosemite, due this fall, several major Apple apps have received upgrades both big and small. I've been using a pre-release version of Yosemite (on an Apple-supplied MacBook Pro) for the past month and have had a chance to spend a little time with Mail, Messages, and Calendar. Here's a look at what's new.


Sonos adds SoundCloud streaming service to multi-room Hi-Fi system

Sonos has announced SoundCloud as its latest music streaming partnership.

Expert Opinion

The Macalope Weekly: Perspective

Remember that scene in Return of the Jedi where Obi-Wan says "Luke, you're going to find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view." Remember how he just glossed over the fact that he told Luke that Darth Vader "betrayed and murdered" his father?

Here's what Windows Phone's rumored digital assistant needs to win you over

Microsoft has packed a wealth of features into the Windows Phone platform. It has live tiles that keep you constantly privy to what's happening, notifications on the lock screen, and even Office integration. But it still lacks one crucial element that has helped both Android and iOS rise to the top: an all-knowing personal digital assistant.

Envisioning an iPad Pro

Apple's iPad Air has received overwhelming praise as the best full-size tablet you can buy, and it'll likely rack up sales records for this past holiday season. And why not? It's lighter, thinner, smaller, and faster than its predecessor. In fact, it's so "impossibly light" that Jason Snell described handling it as being "like picking up a movie prop." Thus the obvious rationale for adding the word Air to the iPad's moniker.

Editors Pick

Sony Playstation Vita Gets Dec. 17 Launch Date

Japanese gamers will be at the front of the line for the Playstation Vita, the latest handheld gaming device announced by Sony.

"Here You Have" Virus Hits Internet, Tries to Delete Security Software

On Thursday, a new worm hit the Internet, and it's been spreading by emailing the address books of infected users, according to Mc

Latest Product Reviews

Sticky Password Cloud 7: The ideal solution for password management across platforms

It's a multi-device world. It's not uncommon to have a work PC, a home PC, a smartphone, and a tablet, often with different operating systems. It's also an increasingly insecure world, where every week seems to bring news of a new data breach.

Simplenote: Basic note-taker for Mac bests OS X's Notes

When we reviewed Simplenote for iOS nearly four years ago, we found it to be a standout note-taking app. But while the company soon added Android and Kindle versions, for the longest time it didn't provide an OS X counterpart--Mac users who wanted to access and edit their notes on their Macs had to turn to Simplenote's Web app. So last fall's release of the free Mac version of Simplenote (Mac App Store link) was welcome.

Pixelmator 3.1 Marble: New tools, expanded capabilities nudge photo editing app into pro arena

Pixelmator 3.1 Marble (Mac App Store link) is the latest iteration of an image editing app that's often viewed as the hobbyist photographer's alternative to Adobe Photoshop. Much attention has been focused on Pixelmator as enthusiasts seek to escape the confines of Photoshop CC subscriptions. Recently, Apple featured Pixelmator as part of its performance demos of the new Mac Pro, so it's no accident that the company has now released a fresh update of the program roughly in tandem with Apple's new