Nest users get a chilly awakening in the UK

File under First World Problems: Because of a time change glitch in the United Kingdom, some Nest Learning Thermostat users woke up a bit colder than usual.


No evidence that Huawei is spying on UK, say GCHQ spooks

But HCSEC Advisory Board wants staffing to be increased to keep up with workload


Dead or Alive 5's Steam release proves terrible PC ports still exist

Every time I think we're out of the "insulting PC ports" era, some developer has to go and ruin it. Team Ninja released Dead or Alive 5 Last Round on Steam today, and while I admittedly don't even care about this game in the least, the quality of the PC version is pretty damn egregious for those who do.


The Apple Store will give you credit for old Android phones

If you're ready to defect to the iPhone from Android or BlackBerry, the Apple Store will welcome you with open arms--and some store credit.


Apple preps basic and fancy shopping experiences for Watch buyers

Buying an Apple Watch won't be as simple as wandering into your local Apple Store and pointing out the device you want, like it is with most other Apple products. Expect more of a "journey," if 9to5Mac's latest reports about the watch-buying experience are accurate.


Ministry of Defence signs £17m crew-less sea drone deal

The UK's ministry of defence has signed a multi-million pound deal to produce crew-less boats and submarines.


Amazon Home Services sends professional handymen and instructors to your door

You already use Amazon to buy computers, skateboards, and diapers. Now the company wants to sell you a plumber.


Vine's video quality jumps to 720p

Vine's looping video clips are about to get sharper with 720p support.


Freemium Field Test: Angry Birds Stella Pop is a slick-but-typical bubble-bursting clone

Free-to-play games often look appealing, but it's difficult to know at a glance whether the business model is insidious and fun ruining, or reasonable and worth pumping a few bucks into. With Freemium Field Test, we'll take a recent free-to-play iOS game, put it through its paces, and let you know if it's really worth your time (and money).



7 PowerPoint text effects that add sizzle to slides

Here's one more secret to help your PowerPoint slides sell. You always need good, well-written content, engaging graphics, and chic animations. Now, add some flashy text to that mix--judiciously--to give your ideas more sizzle.

Expert Opinion


Apple doesn't need its own gadgets to dominate the smart home

If you believe the weekend rumors, Apple will announce a connected-home platform next week at WWDC. But before you get too excited about an iThermostat and an iFridge and an iCamera watching you sleep, consider this: If Apple does get into the home-automation market, that doesn't necessarily mean it'll make smart-home gadgets of its own.

Editors Pick

justin_tv-100367814-orig_500.jpg goes off the air

With all signs pointing to a Google purchase of Twitch, the company behind has shut down the live video service.


Verizon fires back at FCC over data throttling

The FCC called out Verizon for its plans to throttle customers with unlimited data plans who use the most data, so the carrier responded.


Business faces backlash after threatening $500 fines for negative Yelp reviews

Businesses who don't know how to manage their social media presence should remember that the Internet can be vicious.

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Key Ingredient kitchen tablet review: Yummy recipes can't rescue this crummy tablet

Meatballs. Giant bacon-wrapped meatballs. The Key Ingredient Recipe tablet suggested this fantastic idea to me when I searched for a meatball recipe. It's a good thing the meatballs were tasty, because that's about the only thing this tablet gets right.