Nokia Tablet Plans Raises Questions on Windows 8 Launch Date

Nikhil Pradhan 16 Nov 2011

The Head of Nokia France was quoted in a French newspaper yesterday saying that Nokia is planning to launch a Windows 8 tablet in June 2012. Since the x86 version of Windows 8 is supposed to be launched in mid-2012 (around the same time as the Nokia tablet), it raises a couple of questions:

1. If the Nokia tablet will sport an ARM processor (which is very likely), does it mean that the ARM version of Windows 8 will also see a mid-2012 launch? Why this doesn't seem likely is that the Developer Preview of the ARM version of Windows 8 has not yet seen the light of day while the x86 version has already been out for over two months. This brings me to the next question.

2. Could Nokia be looking at a tablet running an x86 processor? This isn't too much of a stretch since we have already seen some x86 tablets such as the Asus Eee Slate and the HP Slate 500. This would explain Nokia's tablet launch date since the x86 version of Windows 8 would be launching at around the same time.

3. Is Microsoft planning to launch all versions of Windows 8 at the same time? This would mean fast-tracking development of the ARM version so that at the same time that Windows 8 is made available on the PC, there are Windows 8 tablets also available in the market.

Then again, maybe Nokia's tablet plans just aren't concrete enough to actually be taken seriously when considering Windows 8 launch dates.

What do you think?

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