Notion Ink Adam Tablet: Five Controversies

PC World Newsdesk 23 Dec 2010

Touted as a worthy competitor to the Apple iPad, the much-anticipated Notion Ink Adam tablet isn't without its fair share of unanswered questions and controversies. While Notion Ink has now begun to release videos showing off the tablet and the Eden UI, there is still a degree of opaqueness surrounding the tablet.

Here are some of the things that generate even more questions about Notion Ink and the Adam Android tablet:

Lack of Info: While an established company like Apple actually gains from secrecy, a start-up like Notion Ink has been unusually secretive about the Adam tablet. In fact, there were hardly any videos or previews before the pre-orders started and only now has Notion Ink begun to release videos of the tablet in operation and even these videos focus mainly on the UI and not on the tablet itself.

User Interface: Talking about the UI and OS, for something as untried as the Adam’s Eden UI (a combination of Android 2.3 and 3.0), there isn’t a lot that the company has revealed. Yes, the new videos show the UI at work, but remember they only started coming out after the pre-oder process began which is mighty strange.

Pre-order: The Notion Ink site came under plenty of duress when the pre-order process began and even crashed causing plenty of commotion among the people interested in buying the tablet or just plain interested.

Tegra 2: The Adam tablet uses Nvidia’s Tegra 2 processor, something that has yet to find its footing. In fact, there are hardly devices out there that use the Tegra 2 processor. The only slightly well-known device I could find was the Viewsonic G Tablet. A completely new UI with a releatively unknown processor gives the Adam an aura of unprecitability.

Media response: As I mentioned earlier, Notion Ink has been uneasily quiet about the Adam tablet. As a result, there has been immense pressure put on the company by the media. It’s unfortunate that Notion Ink only decided to start coming out with videos and details of the tablet after sites like Android Police started questioning the validity of the tablet.

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