RIM has till Jan 31 to give Indian authorities complete access

Jayesh Shinde 11 Oct 2010

RIM has a fresh deadline to fulfill Indian government's request for complete access to RIM's data services on Blackberry devices in the country. According to reports, Indian government has given RIM 90 days or till January 31, 2011 to allow unfettered access to all Blackberry services offered in the country.

Earlier last week RIM said imposing ban on Blackberry Enterprise Service was futile, claiming it would be counterproductive to the government's plans to enforce digital security. The government had accepted RIM's solution for intercepting Blackberry Messenger Service but still had reservations over Blackberry's corporate email access through Blackberry Enterprise Mail.

But according to a new report from Economic Times, RIM seems to have served a new notice from the Indian government. RIM earlier had till October 31 to hand over encryption keys for its Blackberry Messenger and Exchange Mail service to Indian security authorities, and also setup local servers within the country to facilitate lawful access to Blackberry data.

"RIM would be asked to adhere to the timeline of January 2011 to give the final solution wherein lawful access for BlackBerry messenger will not involve the overseas data path. Intelligence Bureau (IB) and National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO), which had attended the discussions, found that the solutions offered by RIM (for BlackBerry messenger) are prime-facie agreeable. The timelines of January 2011 were also agreeable," said the minutes of a meeting attended by representatives from security agencies, home ministry and the telecom department, according to the Economic Times report.

This is the second time RIM has earned some breathing space from the government in its Blackberry data access saga, last time it got a 60 day reprieve on August 31.

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