Microsoft's Squad Watch wants to be Glympse for Windows Phone, but isn't

Location sharing may not grab your attention like a post on Facebook or Twitter, but it's a darn useful utility for keeping track of family members and friends. Microsoft's Squad Watch wants to be that app for Windows Phone, but at this stage, it's not.


Supernova hands-on: A MOBA you make your own

It's official: There's another MOBA coming to market. This past week I got the chance to go hands-on with Supernova, a new sci-fi themed MOBA from Bandai Namco. I learned three things: 1) I'm not very good at MOBAs. 2) Supernova seems like a fine MOBA. 3) I'm starting to find it difficult to tell one MOBA from another.


Sesame's $99 smart lock aims to undercut August, Kwikset, and Yale

Sesame isn't the first smart lock on the market, but it's hoping to stand out with lower prices and easier installation.


Drink manufacturer Diageo pilots 'smart bottle' for Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Diageo will reveal its first ever "smart bottled" Johnnie Walker Blue Label that can send offers to customer's smartphones straight from the shopping aisles.


Panasonic reveals which of its 2015 4K TV models will run the Firefox OS

Panasonic has lifted the curtain on several new 4K Ultra HD TVs, and most of them feature the company's updated My Home Screen 2.0 user interface, a radical step up from its ugly, ungainly predecessor in both form and function. What's so radical about the new smart TV interface? It's built on Mozilla's Firefox OS, the latest combatant in the ongoing smart TV platform wars.


Kaspersky Lab unveils cybersecurity startup accelerator

The SSC is a mentor-driven acceleration programme developed and implemented by the Kaspersky Academy in partnership with venture industry players Mangrove Capital Partners and the ABRT Venture Fund.


Softcard shuts down mobile apps after Google deal, leaving Windows Phone in the cold

As if Microsoft's mobile ambitions didn't have enough problems already, they just got a little more troublesome. Following Google's deal to acquire technology from Softcard, the mobile payments service is shutting down its tap-and-pay apps on Android and Windows Phone, according to an FAQ on Softcard's site.


Spring forward: Apple will take the wraps off Apple Watch at March 9 event

Daylight Saving Time begins Sunday, March 8. The following day, Apple is inviting us to "spring forward" at a "special event" in San Francisco. Hmm...could Apple be showing off a device that has something to do with setting the clock? Macworld will be in the audience to bring you the details at 10 a.m. Pacific.


LG Watch Urbane LTE ditches Android Wear for standalone connectivity

LG is taking the kitchen sink approach with its latest Watch Urbane LTE, veering away from Android Wear to offer more features.


Spotify adds song lyrics, gets more social on PCs

First Bing, then Google, now Spotify. The popular music streaming service is tweaking its desktop app to display song lyrics as you listen. Spotify's new music lyrics feature is powered by Musixmatch, one of the most popular apps in Spotify's catalog.

Expert Opinion


Apple doesn't need its own gadgets to dominate the smart home

If you believe the weekend rumors, Apple will announce a connected-home platform next week at WWDC. But before you get too excited about an iThermostat and an iFridge and an iCamera watching you sleep, consider this: If Apple does get into the home-automation market, that doesn't necessarily mean it'll make smart-home gadgets of its own.

Editors Pick

justin_tv-100367814-orig_500.jpg goes off the air

With all signs pointing to a Google purchase of Twitch, the company behind has shut down the live video service.


Verizon fires back at FCC over data throttling

The FCC called out Verizon for its plans to throttle customers with unlimited data plans who use the most data, so the carrier responded.


Business faces backlash after threatening $500 fines for negative Yelp reviews

Businesses who don't know how to manage their social media presence should remember that the Internet can be vicious.

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Key Ingredient kitchen tablet review: Yummy recipes can't rescue this crummy tablet

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