Temporary BlackBerry Service Outage

Eric Ernest 10 Oct 2011

A possible technical glitch, at the Research In Motion (RIM) data centre in Slough in England, may be responsible for leaving many BlackBerry users without any access to various messaging and online services since Monday October 10. The regions that are reportedly affected by this outage are Europe, Middle East, India and Africa. Moreover, BlackBerry users who connect through RIM's corporate server seem to be unaffected by this service disruption though.

In recent times, RIM has been loosing its foothold in the North American market to various competitors, such as Google and particularly Apple, while at the same time it's Blackberry has gained popularity in other parts of the world like the Africa and Asia - there are some one million BlackBerry users in India. It won't bode well for RIM, a company which has been propagating its 'youth' credentials - courtesy of its popular free to use instant messaging BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) service, if they are unable to resolve this issue at the earliest possible timeframe.

Numerous BlackBerry users have been going to online social media sites, such as Twitter, and voicing their displeasure at the continued interruption/unavailability of certain services, especially of BBM.

RIM officials have claimed that they are working on resolving this issue - while email services seem to have been restored to many users, other users were still reportedly suffering from delays in connecting to internet and messaging services.

We will keep you updated on the developments in this story.

via @TheDailyTelegraph, @BBC

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