Zapak Launches Crazy Kart 2 Race Battle Online in India

PC World News Desk 16 May 2011
Crazy Kart 2 Pic 2 -179

Indian gaming portal, has announced the launch of it's MMOG (Massively multiplayer online game) - Crazy Kart 2, a Free to Play Online Racing Game. Zapak brought Crazy Kart to India in association with Shanda Interactive Entertainment in 2008.

Crazy Kart 2 Race Battle Online's cartoon-themed design style is said to offer new Features, Maps, customizable Karts & Avatars: 50 Maps, Over 150 Karts & 25 Avatars and Boss Chase Battle mode. User's will get to race against other players online.

Following are some of the features that are claimed to be in the game: Users can team up with their friends to play the Boss Chase Battle Online; Users can take on the Evolution Challenge and also avail License Upgrades; Users can increase their scores by challenging their friends & upgrade their score badges for every race that they win; Extra space to park Karts & Avatars; and a inbuilt anti hack system which restricts users from using any kind of third party software to hack/cheat in-game

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