Apple iPod Nano

Nikhil Pradhan 2009-06-27
86 Very Good
Price: Rs 8,200

Full Review

The fourth generation Apple iPod Nano was launched in September last year and still remains the best mid-range MP3 player that you can get in the market. The 8GB of storage it offers is the highest in our top 5 as the rest of the players seem happy with offering 4GB.

In terms of design, the Nano is pretty hard to beat. Its sleek body easily stands out among its competitors. It’s very light at 40 grams and is unbelievably slim at just a quarter of an inch thick. Navigation is aided thanks to the ubiquitous click wheel and navigating is a pleasure on the sharp-as-a-knife two inch screen. The phone also comes with a G-Sensor, better known as an accelerometer, which can be used to play the three games that come pre-installed on the player.

Music playback on the Nano is the best in its class and can only be matched by the Sony. However, like before we would still like to register our complaints regarding the bundled earphones, which are sub-par. But thanks to the 3.5mm jack, you can plug in your own pair. The overall sound quality of the Nano can be described as clean and very well-balanced. It is suited for playing all genres of music but especially ones with richer highs and mids like Classical or Jazz.

The Apple iPod Nano is priced at Rs. 8,200 for 8GB (the 16GB version is currently selling for Rs. 10,500) and even though it about Rs. 1,000 more expensive than the Sansa, we have no hesitation in recommending it as the best buy in this category.

Bottom Line

The Apple iPod Nano’s fourth iteration maintains its reputation as an excellent MP3 player. However, in terms of design it has gone under the scalpel and emerged looking sleeker and more svelte. It still retains winning features such as its click wheel and gets newer ones such as the Genius playlist.

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