Apple iPod Shuffle 4G

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Intro, Features And Design

Apple's latest mini MP3 player, the iPod Shuffle (4th Generation) is more of a refinement of the previous generation Shuffle than a new player that introduces host of new features. With its new simpler design, the iPod Shuffle may win back its users who were disappointed with the previous generation Shuffle that offers no on-player controls but only its proprietary headphones.

Features and Design
The new iPod Shuffle is one of the smallest MP3 players we've come across and it measures just 29mmx31.6mmx8.7mm which is much thinner and smaller than a Zippo lighter or a matchbox. It is also lightweight at 12.5 grams and comes in five different colors ( silver, green, blue, orange and green).  Its polished alluminium body ensures the build quality is sturdy enough to withstand constant daily usage and you need not worry about the portability as the player is super-small and as it has a clip-on design.

The front part of the body has a non-rotatable circular pad for skipping tracks and changing volume and there is a center play/pause button. This design is very similar to the iPod Shuffle second generation. The top of the player has headphones jack which also is a USB jack connector , a voice over button and a switch ( shuffle, play-in-order and power on/off). There is no hold switch on the top but holding down the center play/pause button at the front activates hold function. The absence of 30-pin connector for data transfer also means that the new iPod Shuffle won't sit on most iPodDocking Stations, so audio output is available via only the 3.5mm headphones out.
The iPod Shuffle 4G and the iPod Nano 6G                              The iPod Shuffle 4G and 3G

The iPod Shuffle offers just 2GB of internal storage with no memory card option as usual. This is disappointing if you want to carry more music in your pocket and it also makes players like iAudio E2 with 4GB or Sansa Clips+ which are available at cheaper price with more memory. Apart from this, the new iPod Shuffle does not offer screen, so, looking for a particular song can be clueless and too tedious. There is a VoiceOver function as in the third generation iPod Shuffle- pressing its dedicated button at the top announces the playlist, track and artist name, users can select their choice from over 25 languages. One quick double tap on the VoiceOver button will also tell you how much battery left and holding down the button will put the player in navigation mode during which you can select which playlist or All Songs Apart from this, there is nothing to expect from this tiny player - you won't get voice recording, no FM radio and no Bluetooth connectivity. The iPod Shuffle plays MP3, AAC, , Audible, WAV, Apple Lossless and AIFF but not FLAC or APE.

The package included a USB jack cable, the regular Apple earbud and a quick start guide.

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