Apple MacBook Air 11-inch (1.4GHz/128GB)

Jayesh Shinde 2010-12-13
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Apple's MacBook Air continues to be an elegant style statement that remains hard to emulate. Launched late last month, the new 11-inch MacBook Air is the slimmest, most lightest Apple MacBook ever. The new 11-inch MacBook Air isn’t only a whole new form factor but it opens a fresh chapter in mainstream laptop computers -- one which dispenses traditional spinning hard drives with built-in flash storage. The new 11-inch MacBook Air also sports improved Nvidia GeForce 320M graphics. What’s more the 11-inch MacBook Air sells for a great price, so let’s see if you should buy one or not.

Design & Build

Despite its slim profile and smaller form factor, the 11-inch MacBook Air is no pushover in terms of speed and performance.

Apple continues to shrink the MacBook Air even more. As a result, the new 11-inch MacBook Air is slimmer than any previous MacBook Air ultraportable laptop. At its thinnest point, the 11-inch MacBook Air is just 0.1-inch slim, thickening up to 0.68-inch, hence it is quite slim. Also at 1.06-kg, the 11-inch MacBook Air is one of the lightest ultraportable laptops out there, trumped only by the razor-slim Sony VAIO X which weighs a mere 0.7-kg. The 11-inch MacBook Air is definitely more ultraportable than the Sony VAIO Z and Dell Adamo XPS thin premium laptops.

MacBook Air 11-inch slim profile

The new 11-inch MacBook Air has Apple’s unibody aluminum shell design which gives the slim laptop very good rigidness. The overall build quality of the Air is very good, and Apple continues to encase its glossy screen behind a thin aluminum bezel. The new 11-inch MacBook Air also has a new hinge design allowing it to open at a wider angle than the previous MacBook Air. The new 11-inch MacBook Air has flat edges -- not curved all around like the previous Air -- and a slightly curved bottom panel. It feels nice and comfortable to hold.

iPad, MacBook Air: Size comparison
The 11-inch MacBook Air ultraportable laptop's screen is slightly larger than the Apple iPad tablet's as is evident from the image below. In terms of their weight, the iPad is slightly lighter weighing about 700gm compared to the 11-inch MacBook Air laptop's weight of just over 1-kg.

iPad vs MacBook Air -- Screens
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The 11-inch Apple MacBook Air doesn’t drop the ball in terms of its screen quality, despite being slim. The MacBook Air comes with a 11.6-inch glossy LED-backlit widescreen display with 1366x768 pixel resolution. Although the display isn’t comprised of an IPS panel, the 11-inch MacBook Air’s screen is quite sharp and bright, has very good contrast levels, and rich in color and vibrancy.

MacBook Air 11-inch: Screen

There’s absolutely no problem watching movies or reading text on the 11-inch MacBook Air’s screen. The iSight webcam on the 11-inch MacBook Air’s top screen bezel is now dubbed as FaceTime camera, a handy videoconferencing and videochat tool.

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