ATI Radeon HD 5750

Nikhil Pradhan 2009-11-11
86 Very Good
Price: Rs 7,500

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ATI has jump-started the graphics war this year with the launch of the Radeon 5000 series. Last month, we saw the HD 5870 emerge as the most powerful single GPU card in the world. Now, we have with us the Radeon HD 5750, a card that belongs to ATI’s “Juniper” line-up.

Feature-wise what is special about the HD 5750 is its support for DirectX 11 games and applications. Simply put, this is the way forward for graphical applications since Windows 7 allows for DirectX 11. Also, the HD 5750 supports Eyefinity technology which allows a single card to output visuals to up to six displays. The HD 5750, has a core clocked at 700MHz, has 1GB of memory, uses a 128-bit memory

I would say the 5750 has the slightest of edges over the GTS 250 thanks to its extra features.

Surprisingly, at full load, the HD 5750 registered a slightly higher temperature of 61°C. However, at idle, these temperatures dropped to a low 38°C.

We pitched the HD 5750 against the Zotac GTS 250, the top-ranked Mainstream Graphics Card in our Top 5 at the time.  We started the benchmarking with 3D Mark ’06. The HD 5750 managed a score of 15,310 as opposed to 16,211 scored by the GTS 250. However, when we put on 3D Mark Vantage’s High preset, the ATI emerged on top with 5081 points, about 100 points more than the Nvidia.  Even in our gaming benchmarks, the jostling between the two cards was very closely fought. While in Crysis, the ATI went in front, the Nvidia caught up thanks to its strong showing in Far Cry 2.

The ATI Radeon HD 5750 carries a suggested price-tag of Rs. 7,500 (exclusive of taxes) and we would say it has the slightest of edges over the GTS 250 thanks to its extra features. To conclude, in the Radeon HD 5750, we have another winner from ATI.

Bottom Line

The ATI Radeon HD 5750 continues ATI's dominance of graphics cards and rises to the Top 5.

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