BenQ E2200HD

Jayesh Shinde 2009-06-27
PCWorld No.5 Full-HD LCD Monitors
77 Good
Price: Rs 8,900

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The E2200HD is the more expensive version of the G2220HD from BenQ. For a couple of thousand more, you get an HDMI input, speakers, and a stylish bezel.

The panel inside the monitor is almost exactly the same as the one inside the G2220HD, so essentially, you’re paying more for these three features. The monitor looks good, with a silver chin that juts out at the base. This is complemented by silver trim that runs all the way around the screen. The menus buttons are mounted on the side, and we found these a little fiddly.

In our performance tests, the E220HD and the G222HD were quite close together.

Though the monitor has speakers, the only way to get them to play is via HDMI; you can’t just plug in a normal audio cable, since there’s no audio input. This seems a unnecessary omission, but in any case the speakers aren’t much to write home about, unlike the ones on the Acer H233H. In our performance tests, the E220HD and the G222HD were quite close together.

However, the E2200HD had a better full contrast ratio than its sibling, at 800:1. The checkerboard ratio was quite similar though, at 300:1. A brightness of 200 lumens keeps pictures nice and bright, though the color temperature was not close to the ideal 6500K. Then again, only the Dell 2209WA managed to do that, so we didn’t penalize the others too much on this. Is this monitor worth the Rs. 1,000 premium over the Benq G2220HD? Only if the HDMI input is extremely important, otherwise we’d recommend you just go with the G2220HD.

Bottom Line

Add HDMI, speakers and snazzier looks to the BenQ G2220HD, and you have the E2200HD. Worth Rs. 1,000 more?

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