Canon Laser Shot LBP2900B

Kailas Shastry 2009-02-01
74 Good
Price: Rs 6,595

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Draft or ‘toner save’ mode is a compromise between ink consumption and print quality. Obviously, lesser the toner consumed, greater the savings, while the printouts end up looking lighter. Using the toner save mode is a nifty way of eking out more prints from your toner for jobs that don’t necessarily require the best quality. The two Canons were the meekest in toner saver mode producing considerably light prints. This also means that they are saving a lot of ink in the process. Canon claims a savings of up to 30 percent, which is significant. But we have to point out that the draft output from the LBP2900B leaves visible white spaces in print, with the result being, text looks dotted, but wasn't that difficult to read.

Overall good quality prints, and average cost of running. Misses out two-sided printing. Forgivable in a low cost printer, but not here.

Laser printers, or for that matter inkjets too, have become sufficiently advanced to an extent that pretty much all of them offer good print quality when it comes to documents (black text printing). From resumes to marketing collateral, these printers do the job, so long as, of course, the print job does not require color. In our text prints we looked for two parameters – presence jaggy edges (edges showing hints of zig-zag under close scrutiny) and lack of graininess in print. And the Canon Laser Shot LBP2900B didn't do too bad in these tests.

This printers is not meant to do images as its primary task. However, slideshows and even Word documents often contain images like graphs or sketches. We printed our grayscale test chart at the best resolution that each of these printers offered to gauge how well these machines can cope with an occasional graphics job. Neither did we expect great prints, nor did we see them. As expected, all these printers fell below the mark in this test, but here’s some indication of which of them might reproduce an accompanying image in a document better. The 21 step black to white column containing various shades of grey shows how many shades the printer can reproduce. This printer was able to show 18 shades from black to white.

It was on the slower side while printing - We tested text printing speed at normal quality and settings and measured the time for the first print (usually longer owing to warm-up time) then measured the time per print (after the first page) by printing 20 pages and dividing the time taken by 20 - it took 4.8s; still acceptable for most print applications even in a small work group. A 25 page document will take only about 2 minutes.

It has a manual feed slot (for printing cards, envelopes, etc). It doesn't have a  duplexer (both manual and auto). As for cost of running, the LBP2900B will cost you Rs.1.58 per page.

Bottom Line

Overall good quality prints, and average cost of running. Misses out two-sided printing. Forgivable in a low cost printer, but not here.

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