Canon Pixma MP198

Kailas Shastry 2009-06-29
72 Good
Price: Rs 4,595

Full Review

The Pixma MP198 is the least expensive of the multi-function-devices in our Top 5 charts. With a black ink yield of 219 pages from a cartridge that costs Rs.865 (MRP), printing costs have also been kept in check. It works out to just under Rs.4 per print. Print quality was not stellar but neither has it been badly compromised in the interest of keeping manufacturing costs (hence the price) or running costs low. Our grayscale image showed 20 out of 21 shades between pure white and pure black – similar to the output from the more expensive Canon Pixma MP245. Of course, you’ll need to use quality photopaper for this kind of output. Our color image tests consistently showed a slight yellow tinge when we left all settings in the driver to default. The driver however gives you control of individual CMYK intensities and along with brightness and saturation adjustment. A bit of trial and error (and some wasted ink) will help you get the color tone that is closer to ‘perfect’. If you forgive the odd color tinge, the photo prints are otherwise fine – details in darker areas of the image turned out nicely. The Pixma MP198 is not set to win any speed contests – it took the longest to churn out a 4x6 borderless photo printout – all of 168 seconds. The Pixma MP245 did that in 120 seconds. Copy quality was just about average – it will suffice for that one urgent photocopy you need.

Copy quality was just about average – it will suffice for that one urgent photocopy you need.

Bottom Line

This is an inexpensive MFD and it does do a good job for its asking price. However, the better featured, more expensive MFDs in our Top 5 list push it to fifth position. Photo prints lack saturation, but are otherwise good. Makes for a fine MFD if you are looking for something less than Rs.5,000.

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