Creative Ziio 7-inch

Nikhil Pradhan 2011-07-21
51 Poor
Price: Rs 18,000

Page 1: Introduction & Features

The Creative Ziio is the latest Android tablet to be launched in India. What makes the Ziio different from the madding crowd is that it's meant to be an "entertainment device," something like a 7-inch PMP with extra features. As a result, the Ziio is shorn of standard tablet features such as a primary back-facing camera and telephony features but gets some extra features such as Creative's X-Fi sound enhancements and the ability to pair multiple accessories (wireless headphones, speakers et. al) over Bluetooth and use them with the tablet.

As much as I appreciate the way Creative has applied the new features to the Ziio, there's just too many things wrong with the device to make it worth recommending.

It's very unfortunate that Creative seems to have chosen to push a device that's so buggy and broken into the market.


I reviewed the version of the Ziio with a 7-inch display that has a display resolution of 480x800 pixels. Not only does the display have a low resolution for a 7-incher but it's also resistive meaning that it's suited for a stylus and not fingers. Wireless connectivity is taken care of by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth v2.1 support. Unfortunately although, Google Maps comes pre-installed on the Ziio, the device itself doesn't have a GPS chip. The Ziio is powered by Creative's own ZiiLABS ZMS-08 processor and has 8GB of internal storage.

The Ziio runs on Android 2.2 (Froyo) but Creative has made a couple of changes, the strangest of which is the absence of the Android Market. What's stranger is that you can still download .apk files and install them on the Ziio; it's just that the tablet doesn't have the Android Market pre-installed. Creative has "helpfully" installed their own app store called the ZiiStore which is very anemic in terms of the number of apps. The App Store has categories for apps, games, and books etc. which are supposed to work fine on the Ziio. While I can appreciate the fact that Creative has created the ZiiStore as a filter for apps that work well on the Ziio, I really don't see a reason why they couldn't have also provided the Android Market as a choice to the user.

The Ziio uses a 5v port to charge and a miniUSB port to connect to the PC. It has a 3.5mm jack for audio output and also offers an HDMI port to output media to your HDTV.

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