D-Link DIR-655

Aditya Nag 2009-06-27
81 Very Good
Price: Rs 9,000

Full Review

The D-Link DIR-655 Xtreme N Gigabit router is D-Link’s flagship model, and it has the performance to match, for the most part. Unfortunately, it also has the price to match, so it slips down a few places, but for raw performance, it’s hard to beat. The 655 is housed in a simple white plastic enclosure. This looks quite nice, and it’s intended to sit horizontally on your desktop, although you can wall mount it, if required. The front panel looks similar to other D-Link routers, with the standard set of status lights. They are rather tiny, though, so you need to either memorize the position of the lights, or stand really close to the router to see what they mean. The lights are also monochromatic, so they do not display whether a client is connected in Gigabit mode or 100 Mbps mode. Setting up the router is easy, and D-Link’s web-interface is a pleasure to use. All options are accompanied with lots of help. The router has a lot of wizards to help with configuration, but advanced users can choose to go manual. In fact, advanced users will be surprised by the wealth of settings that can be tweaked. The DIR-655 has a dedicated UBICOM StreamEngine processor. The processor takes the traffic generated by VoIP and online games and other, latency-sensitive requests and puts them above your requests for loading up a web page or downloading stuff on your favorite peer to peer network. In practice, this works reasonably well, and if you often use VoIP or game a lot online while others browse, you’ll like this. Overall, a very fast, very expensive router.

Bottom Line

This D-Link DIR 655 is great for heavy users, and there are some nice features.

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