HTC Magic

Laldinfela Pachuau & Nikhil Pradhan 2009-09-18
83 Very Good
Price: Rs 25,600

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The HTC Magic is the first phone in India to sport Android, Google’s mobile OS. Since we had heard so much about it, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it. And we were very satisfied with what the phone had to offer in terms of performance, design and usability.

But first, let’s begin with the features. This is one aspect of the Magic that left us wanting for something more because for a phone that is priced close to 25K, the Magic seemed a little shorn of features. The Magic comes with 288MB of internal storage and although it supports microSD, HTC doesn’t bundle any memory cards with it. This is strange because even the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, priced a good 10K lower comes with an 8GB microSD card. In terms of connectivity the Magic has most bases covered as it comes 3G ready and also supports Wi-Fi.

The HTC Magic has a good design. We liked its simple but curvy look and although it uses only plastic, its build quality does not feel cheap or weak. The phone’s front has a 3.2-inch TFT screen that is quite usable. Under the screen are a bunch of well-organized buttons that let you access menus, go to the home-screen or search Google instantly. There is also a trackball, like the ones on Blackberry phones, which makes navigating the phone and browsing the Web so much easier. The Magic’s interface integrates touch quite well and we did not have any problems navigating it using our fingers. There is no sluggishness when you are moving between menus or accessing applications. However, there is slight slowness when the phone moves automatically from portrait to landscape mode. Typing is excellent on the full QWERTY keypad and another thing that helps in this aspect is the auto-correct feature which is intuitive. Scrolling through a long list is smooth and so is browsing the Web. Another great thing about the interface is its integration with Google. The phone supports syncing with your Google contacts and also supports Exchange mail. Although the magic has a decent music player that gives well-balanced sound what it lacks is a 3.5mm port. Instead you have to plug in your headphones to the miniUSB one. The Magic also has a 3.2MP camera that takes good pictures but lacks a flash.

The HTC Magic is priced at Rs. 25,600. Its touch-screen is very usable and it may lack some features, especially for multimedia, but as a smartphone, it is pretty darned good.

Bottom Line

Has an intuitive and easy to use interface. Integrates well with Google's online features .

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