Iomega Prestige 1TB USB 3.0

Cliff Joseph 2011-12-06
81 Very Good
Price: Rs 6,800

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The Iomega Prestige 1TB USB 3.0 (LDHD-UP3) is easily the most compact of the external drives we've reviewed, measuring just 31.4 mm thick. You can lay it flat or use the small stand included in the box to stand it upright, in which case it'll take up hardly any desk space at all. One good thing is that this drive has a power on/off switch at the rear.

Internally, this product utilizes a Samsung SpinPoint F2EG (HD103SI), which rotates at 5400rpm, uses 2 platters and has 8MB of disk buffer.

As the the 5400rpm spinning speed would indicate, performance isn't the Prestige's strong point. Tests resulted in modest overall sequential speeds - 119.3 MB/s and 107.3 MB/s for reading and writing files respectively. However, performance when copying smaller files is more respectable at 45.17 MB/s and 56.68 MB/s for reading and writing respectively.

Iomega makes up for this in other areas though. The drive supports 256bit encryption for protecting your files, and Iomega's Protection Suite provides an extensive range of additional features, including a year's subscription to Trend Micro Internet Security, two separate backup programs and 2GB of online storage with Mozy Home. You also get Iomega's v.Clone software, which can create a "virtual image" of your main PC that can be used with any other PC connected to the Prestige drive.

Bottom Line

There's definitely some room for improvement in the Prestige's performance. However, its slimline design, encryption and additional software features will still appeal to many home and business users.

The price at the time of writing, is a factor that we've not factored in since the Thailand floods have sent hard drive prices soaring.

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