iPhone 4

Jason Snell 2011-06-16
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Intro, Software

Apple is a company with some clear priorities when it comes to designing mobile devices. The ideal Apple mobile device is razor-thin, with a simple design and killer battery life. You can see those principles at work in the iPhone 4, the latest generation of Apple's smartphone hardware. This is a smaller, thinner phone, with a stripped-down design and an impressive improvement in battery life compared to previous models.

Much of the appeal of the iPhone 4 is in its tight integration with iOS 4.

Four years ago, the original iPhone blasted a hole in the side of a listless, boring phone market. That initial success has spawned numerous strong competitors, but with the iPhone 4, Apple seems to be competing more with itself than trying to respond to the competition.

A pair of fours

If there's one thing that defines Apple as a company, it's the idea of creating products that are a synthesis of hardware and software. Apple makes Macs and Mac OS X. It makes the iPhone and the iOS. Many tech products are the melding of two different visions; Apple's products are generally singular.

As a result, much of the appeal of the iPhone 4 is in its tight integration with iOS 4, the latest version of the recently-renamed operating system that drives the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Many of the iPhone 4's hardware features wouldn't make sense were it not for corresponding additions to iOS 4. It'¬ôs the Apple way, and iPhone 4 is no exception.

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