iPod Touch

Laldinfela Pachuau 2009-06-15
88 Very Good
Price: Rs 16,100

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The iPod Touch is our top pick if you are looking out for a new PMP that not only plays audio and video but also let you play touch based or motion sensor based games and explore the online world.

Available in three variants (8GB, 16GB and 32GB), the Touch is a multimedia powerhouse that also can be called an iPhone sans the phone and the camera. Its 3.5-inch multitouch screen is crisp and bright. A welcome feature here from the previous Touch is the built-in speaker which adds a new dimension to playing games and watching videos or listening to music. It also has the Genius playlist feature and built-in wireless support for Nike + iPod. We were pleased to find Push E-mail support on its Mail Client as in the iPhone 3G. Wi-Fi presence also makes accessing the App Store worthwhile with thousands of paid and free applications on offer.

In terms of getting its jobs done, the iPod Touch’s sleek player interface is top notch. The sound quality is very good, the mids and highs are crisp with just enough bass and minimum coloration. We found the Touch strikes the right balance across all frequency ranges. It also has enough power to drive most full-size headphones. Music apart, watching videos and photos on the vibrant multitouch screen is entertaining and among the best in the Portable Media Player segment.

We were totally impressed with the superior interface that responded to our touch efficiently. iTunes is the only way of syncing the device with the PC, but everything from syncing contacts to installing applications was done without any glitch. We were able to clock 18 hours of audio playback.

Bottom Line

With its big multitouch screen and sleek interface, the iPod Touch offered superior audio and video playback. It also offers a great Web browsing and gaming experience making it our top choice for PMP.

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