Logitech Z313

Laldinfela Pachuau 2010-10-27
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Price: Rs 2,195

Intro, Features And Design

Logitech has just refreshed its line of PC speakers recently and here we got the slightly older Logitech Z313, an entry level 2.1 speaker system for your PC. As always, Logitech has promised to bring a room-filling sound and deeper bass for your PC entertainment.

Features and Design
We didn't expect truck load of features from this budget speaker, but the Logitech Z313 has just got it right for a basic entry level speaker. The total system output is rated at 25watts (RMS) and the system frequency response ranges from 48Hz to 20KHz which is good enough for small size room or office use. Just don’t expect earth-thumping sound out of this system.

The Z313’s satellites are compact in size that won’t occupy much space on your desktop. They are slightly angled upwards to direct the music towards listeners while they are placed on the table. This time unlike the more expensive Z323, the satellites have matte plastic finish which don't attract finger-prints . The plastic matte body with round-edges looks good, the chrome-ring around the speaker grille enhances its aesthetics especially with the black body. Below the driver is the bass port for smooth sound extension. The satellites have good build quality and they are connected to the subwoofer by a fixed cable which is inconvenient and unthoughtful as replacing the cable or wiring the cable during placement can become an issue.. There is no control buttons on the satellites and they are not wall-mountable. Fortunately, there is a wired remote control for volume and power switch . There is no bass or treble control but the pod has headphones-out port.

The wooden subwoofer is just over the size of toaster which can easily be tucked away under the table . It has a 4-inch down-firing driver and a front bass extension-port which made placement less critical. The back of the sub has line-in port for satellites cable, while the line-in cable is attached to remote pod. Setting up the speaker is very easy as all we have to do is connect the cable from the satellites at the back of the sub, hook up the AC power cable from the sub to the power outlet and switch it on . No hassles.

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