Philips GoGear Muse 8GB

Laldinfela Pachuau 2010-10-24
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Price: Rs 9,400

Intro, Features And Spec

Philips continues to update its GoGear range of MP3 players with new features and style. The latest from its stable, the GoGear Muse we reviewed here is what Philips categorized under its MP4 class of players and it is a touchscreen PMP to compete against the Apple iPod Touch and Cowon J3 or S9.

Despite its album art based navigation support, panning across the album art or tweaking its Equalizer happened at snail’s pace which is one big disappointment.

Features & Specs
The  Philips GoGear Muse comes with a 3.2-inch HVGA (480 x320 pixels) LCD Touch screen of 3:2 aspect ratio, well, it is smaller than a 3.5-inch screen on the iPod Touch but pretty much in line with the Cowon’s iAudio range of PMP. The LCD touchscreen does not support multitouch unlike the iPod Touch’s capacitive touchscreen  Philips included its FULL Sound feature for enhancing lossless files like MP3 and it claimed to produce fuller bass with more depth and impact,while boosting voice and instrument clarity that enable users to hear much richer detail.  There is an 8GB of internal flash memory which can be expanded with memory card as the GoGear Muse can take up  to 32GB of microSD.  Connectivity options like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and app support are missing here, so, you won’t be able to play games, get online or install apps like you do on the iPod Touch. Also, it does not have built-in speaker which is not actually something you can’t live without but nice to have.

Audio format support is impressive with the GoGear Muse playing various formats that includeMP3, WAV, WMA, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC and APE.. There is also FM radio with RDS support and it has 20 slots for presets. For video, except for the disappointing Xvid nor DivX playback support missing, it plays MPEG4 SP/ASP, MPEG4 AVC/H.264 HP, RMVB, WMV9, all in 1280 x 720p resolution at 25 fps. To enhance its HD playback feature, the player has HDMI out, so, you can connect it to HDTV and enjoy HD movie.  Image playback for JPEG, PNG, BMP and GIF is also supported while voice and FM recording is present with the audio recorded in MP3 format. For audiobook audience, the player has Audiobook player and it came preloaded with five book samples.
Philips Songbird media management application was bundled in the player memory and this can be easily installed on Windows Machine. The program can also be used to check for new firmware and update the player.

The package includes an in-ear headphones, a  miniUSB cable and quick start guide. Despite the HDMI connectivity option, unfortunately, its cable is not included in the package.

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