Red Faction: Armageddon (PC)

Nikhil Pradhan 2011-06-23
76 Good
Price: Rs 699

Page 1: Introduction & Story

The original Red Faction games had the knack of attracting gamers' attention and then disappearing as quickly from view. However, Red Faction: Guerrilla bucked that trend by becoming one of the more popular games of 2009. It took the "everything can be destroyed" gameplay aspect from the earlier games and put it in an open world (more specifically Mars). Red Faction: Armageddon goes back to the original linear gameplay but retains the third-person view. It also feels fresh enough to be counted as a good game although not spectacularly so.

Going on a rampage destroying infrastructure is mighty fun and the best parts of the game include ones where the destruction forms an integral part of your objective.

What's it About

Red Faction: Armageddon doesn't have a unique story. It's still set in Mars and picks up from where Guerrilla left off. You play as Darius Mason, the son of Alec Mason (Guerrilla's protagonist), a soldier who is tricked by terrorists into letting them blow up a machine that maintains Mars' atmosphere. A couple of years later, Darius finds himself living underground with other colonists thereafter which he is tricked again by the same terrorists into releasing Martian aliens from their underground lair.

The story is very paint by numbers and is essentially glued together (in the vein of numerous shooters since Half-Life) by tasks such as "find batteries to power the generator" or "fix the water purifier." Even the reveal of the aliens is very straight-forward with no pretensions of suspense or horror. You see ugly beasts, you shoot ugly beasts.

The game introduces some characters that rise above mere sketches and Darius, in spite of coming across as a douchebag, is irreverent enough to not let the story plod too much.

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