Samsung SpinPoint MT2 1TB

Madana Prathap 2011-07-03
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Price: Rs 4,300

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If you're a laptop user, 1TB is the best you can get in a single hard drive currently. The Samsung SpinPoint MT2 1TB (model HM100UI) is among the options available if that is what you want.

By design, being a laptop drive means it may not compete with desktop HDDs for performance. This is a small quibble though, if you think 500GB drives are puny, and need more storage capacity.

Design and Specifications
This drive uses three platters (with a density of 334GB per platter) and 6 heads - quite a busy specification. The number of platters force it to a full-drive height of 12.5 mm, which won't fit most mainstream laptops, leaving high performance laptops as the target audience.

The rest of the specs resemble that of any laptop HDD, with a 2.5-inch form factor and SATA 3Gbps data interface. It spins at 5400 RPM and has an 8MB buffer. Power usage claimed is 0.7W at idle and 2.4W during read/write operation.

While in use under normal conditions, it was not audible although it did heat up more than the average laptop HDD. The product's specs page lists a few acronyms and "technologies" claimed to keep the drive's noise level down, but the human ear does not notice a difference compared to similar drives.

This 1TB Samsung drive provides 931.5 GB of usable space after formatting, as expected. Samsung offers a three-year warranty on this product.

We run synthetic benchmarks and real world tests using the fastest PC components at hand, to remove most bottlenecks that hold back performance. The test-bed consisted of an Intel Core i7 965 processor, Intel DX58SO motherboard, AMD Radeon 5970 graphics card, Intel X25-M 80GB SSD, WD VelociRaptor 300GB HDD, 12 GB of Silicon Power DDR3 RAM in triple channel, Tagan BZ-1300W PSU and Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64-bit edition. We used the latest WHQL signed drivers available at the time of testing. A RAMdisk drive was used for real-world file transfer tests.

HD Tach RW
The HD Tach RW graph above represents one of our synthetic benchmark tests.

Real world file read/write speeds stood at 68.4 MB/s and 46.8 MB/s respectively, for a single large file (6.42 GB). When copying multiple smaller files (1287 files totaling up to 2.33 GB), read/write speeds fell as expected, to 68.4 MB/s and 36.23 MB/s respectively. Transferring small files from the first partition to a second on the same drive was at a speed of 17 MB/s.

On average, we measured a synthetic read speed of 71.8 MB/s, and write speed of 70.7 MB/s. Read and write access times averaged 16.76 ms and 16.8 ms (milli-seconds) respectively. The drive racked up a HDD Score of 5548 in PC Mark 05.

These speeds are right in line with what is expected from a laptop hard disk like the Samsung HM100UI.

Bottom Line

Samsung internal drives are more easily available in India now. Getting this hard drive is worth it provided the following two conditions are met. One, your laptop's HDD bay can accommodate this drive. Two, you know that your need for storage capacity outweighs need for raw performance speeds that a 7200rpm drive can offer.

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