ViewSonic VX2260WM

Aditya Nag 2009-05-21
76 Good
Price: Rs 13,000

Full Review

One of the things we noticed immediately after unboxing the Viewsonic monitor is its ease of assembly: the screen panel just glides into the stand effortlessly. Its 22-inch screen supports a Full-HD resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, in-built speakers, and an HDMI port. The speakers are good but a notch below the Acer H233H and Asus VK222H. Apart from this, there's nothing that sets it apart from the rest of the pack. Its Full HD support is ably backed by the presence of an HDMI port. The DVI port supports HDCP as well.

When we began testing the VX2260WM, expectations were high. The reason why it finished with such a low score is that it underperformed in Displaymate's battery of unforgiving tests. Its brightness was below average at 208 candelas, and so were color saturation and gray-scale levels. Contrast ratio was average at 573:1. In comparison to any other monitor, the VX2260WM's backlight bleed was most appreciable on a dark screen. The monitor also floundered while displaying gradients and when it attempted to reproduce colors in various intensities.

On the other hand, its on-screen menu for adjusting screen properties was one of the best of the bunch. Along with the Asus VK222H, the Viewsonic VX2260Wm is the only other monitor that supports a headphone jack, coupled with the on-board speakers. However, we didn't quite like the placement of its on-screen menu buttons, tucked away below the screen's edge. They're hard to find. But despite its underwhelming performance, the Viewsonic still fared better than the Asus and LG monitors mentioned earlier.

Bottom Line

Let down by a higher price than the others, but Viewsonic has a reputation for quality, and this monitor is no exception to that tradition.

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