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Welcome to the LCD Monitors review page. Here you will find all the monitor reviews currently available on the PC World India site. Across price brackets and screen sizes, you can make a decision about the one that fits your needs. It is the age of large screens and high-resolutions, to bring the movie experience to your home PC. Monitors are rarely upgraded so ensure you pick the right one at the outset. Do not forget to check out the Top 5 products, in the 22-inch category which is the sweet-spot today in terms of price.

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  • BenQ VW2420H

    80 Very Good
    Price: Rs 15,500
    Madana Prathap, 08 Oct 10 Slim and stylish LED monitor with a VA panel. On its side: color reproduction, viewing angles and 1080p Full-HD resolution.
  • Acer T231H Multi-Touch

    76 Good
    Price: Rs 16,000
    Madana Prathap, 04 Oct 10 Multi-touch comes to Full-HD monitors, is this the monitor to get for your desktop PC?
  • Benq G2420HD

    80 Very Good
    Price: Rs 13,400
    Madana Prathap, 06 Sep 10 Is 24-inch the new 19-inch? See if large-screen is the way to go with this affordable Full-HD Benq G2420HD monitor.
  • Viewsonic VX2268wm FuHzion 3D

    63 Fair
    Price: Rs 35,999
    Madana Prathap, 10 Aug 10 3D gaming is a reality with this 22-inch monitor. So 3D is alright, but is this monitor one that you can bet on for the long run?
  • Alienware OptX AW2210

    79 Good
    Price: Rs 16,000
    Madana Prathap, 19 Jul 10 For gaming, it's hard to beat this Full-HD 22-inch premium monitor. It has good support & performs well, does it falter anywhere?
  • Dell UltraSharp U2311H

    91 Superior
    Price: Rs 14,700
    Madana Prathap, 06 Jul 10 Full-HD 23-inch monitor with an IPS panel to add quality for enthusiasts. It is a steal at this price, for the features offered!
  • Dell UltraSharp U2711

    93 Superior
    Price: Rs 49,500
    Madana Prathap, 21 Jun 10 Mouth-wateringly cool 27-inch monitor, with an IPS panel, screen resolution of 2560x1440, and almost no input lag on games.
  • Benq M2700HD

    83 Very Good
    Price: Rs 24,900
    Madana Prathap, 12 May 10 A massive wide-screen and Full-HD screen resolution make this 27-inch monitor a great choice for homes.
  • BenQ V2220H

    72 Good
    Price: Rs 14,999
    Madana Prathap, 28 Apr 10 Slimmest 22-inch 1080p monitor in India, eco-friendly features, an LED backlight for good image quality & deep black reproduction.
  • Asus Designo MS236H

    71 Good
    Price: Rs 16,500
    Madana Prathap, 09 Feb 10 Large-screen monitor with an aesthetically pleasing, distinctive design. Games/movies are just satisfactory on this budget LCD.

Showing: 1-10 of  22